Hyldagarde The Slave Girl

Hyldagarde (Hilde Beck) on the set of the Glamour Film ‘Favourites of the Pharoes, Episode 3 – The Slave Market’ from 1966.  Another great shot showing an uncensored view of the models from Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.1 ‘A Series of Natural Art Studies’

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  1. that&#39;s an excellent picture, and sounds like an excellent film – any idea where it might be viewed?<br /><br /> roop

  2. All four films in the Favourites of the Pharoahs series can be purchased through the official Harrison Marks website at £5.25 each, although I think you have to be member to buy them. For the record, all were filmed by GHM in 1966, and consist of: film 1 The Bath, featuring Tina McGowan and others; film 2 The Dance featuring among others Diane James and Penny Winters; film 3 The Slave Market

  3. thanks very much for the info David – I saw there were a few things on ebay as well – original films!<br /><br /> roop

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