A Golden View of Marie Deveraux

Looking at the sheen all over the body of Marie Deveraux and blonde wig I would say she was covered in body paint, but I could be wrong!  It just reminds me of another Harrison Marks model Margaret Nolan posing for the credits in Goldfinger 🙂
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  1. She could be still sweaty from a swift game of football. I believe she was a goalkeeper.<br /><br />David

  2. I could make some tasteless remark about goalkeepers being the only players allowed to handle balls, but instead I give you the Glamour Girls Football Team:<br />June Palmer (captain)<br />Margaret Nolan, Terry Graham, Ann Dixon, Cheryl Peters<br />Dawn Grayson, Cindy Neal, Nicky Stevens (midfield)<br />Lorraine Burnett, Paula Page (defenders – not much could get past them)<br />Marie Deveraux (


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