A Golden View of Marie Deveraux (Coloured)

In my original post of this Marie Deveraux photo I suggested that maybe she had been painted in gold body paint or something due to the sheen of her body. Well Oldiznewagain has now done a coloured version and although she’s not gold the image sure looks good and definitely has a golden theme to it.

Marie Deveraux & The Bookcase

Marie Deveraux wearing nothing more than eye liner and headband posing against a bookcase.  Probably taken in GHM’s flat, but not a view I’ve come across before, but the bookcase isn’t really catching my attention that much! Unknown as to where it was originally published, but re-printed in ‘Just Marie Deveraux’

A Golden View of Marie Deveraux

Looking at the sheen all over the body of Marie Deveraux and blonde wig I would say she was covered in body paint, but I could be wrong!  It just reminds me of another Harrison Marks model Margaret Nolan posing for the credits in Goldfinger 🙂

Just Paula Page

A magnificent shot of Paula Page by Harrison Marks.  There is no easy way of saying it about  ‘Two Guns Paula’ and her 44DD chest, other than one of the best pairs of big tits I’ve ever seen!  Thankfully I have plenty of high resolution images to keep checking and enjoying her magnificent chest in all it’s glory!

Note: All images, original or otherwise have been carefully edited and restored where required and a lot of effort has gone into this.  Please feel free to share, but kindly link back to this original if sharing elsewhere, Many Thanks! – Wonder