In The Front Parlour With Margaret Middleton

Two shots of a younger Margaret Middleton posing on a chair in the front parlour, love the contrasting white high heels and garter against the black. This could be at Ewhurst but not 100% sure as don’t know if MM ever modelled there, but there’s a good chance she did at some point!  Damn those tits look good!
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  1. Yes, Marge is another one, she looks still quite young and fresh in those pics, but she did turn into something a bit more rough and ready as she grew older – maybe is what the constant beehive<br /><br /> roop

  2. I&#39;m pretty sure that this is one of the two main front ground-floor rooms at Ewhurst – this room had dark wooden window sills and dark pannelled wood below the sills. The other main front room had white sills and a large Chinese/Japanese vase on a wooden base standing near the window (see your earlier picture of JP with a coloured scarf posing next to this vase)<br />From memory, there are

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