Kamera Calendar 1964 (July – Dec)

The final part of the Kamera Calendar 1964 by Harrison Marks.

July – June Palmer (Front Lawn of Ewhurst Manor)
August – Tina Graham (Christine Carter)

September – Angela Jones

October – Maureen Tavenbeck

November – Jackie Salt

December – Vivienne Warren
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  1. an unretouched august would be an eye-opener – no mistake!<br /><br /> roop

  2. I always wondered how they would take such photo shots … So, they would retouch the image afterwards and it was not photographer&#39;s photo angle selection skill after all?!

    • I think they used to pose the models most times to avoid the pubic region, but some editing was required on some photo&#39;s. What you also have to remember is that there was a big market in Europe for uncensored shots, so although these are censored in the UK they were left untouched for other markets. As you will see in other publications from GHM as the 1960&#39;s progressed less was


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