Marie Deveraux & The Bookcase

Marie Deveraux wearing nothing more than eye liner and headband posing against a bookcase.  Probably taken in GHM’s flat, but not a view I’ve come across before, but the bookcase isn’t really catching my attention that much! Unknown as to where it was originally published, but re-printed in ‘Just Marie Deveraux’
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  1. Great bookcase! And what looks like a run of original Penguin paperbacks along the top shelf – very collectable! Late 50s or early 60s, I&#39;d say. Oh yes, and there&#39;s a girl too and she&#39;s very nice. One thing, though: you claim she&#39;s wearing nothing but eye liner and a headband, but I can see quite clearly that she&#39;s also wearing nail polish.<br /><br />Happy Nude Year!<br /><


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