Barbara Halks

I love the sultry look of Barbara Halks in this image, which seems to be taken on  the set of ‘Eastern Exchange’. Barbara appeared in Kamera No.84, No.85 (cover), No.86, No.87 and Solo No.57. She also appeared in 3 glamour films, ‘Eastern Exchange, ‘Sitting Pretty’ with Nicky Stevens and finally ‘Go Go Girl’ and finally appeared in the pages of the Kamera Calendar 1969.

This beautiful uncensored shot of her appeared in Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.2 (1969).
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  1. A really good-looking, sexy girl. GHM, it seems to me, preferred his models to smoulder rather than smile. See also Zigrinda above, or just about any picture of Loraine Burnett. Perhaps he treated them to a fry-up immediately before shooting and they all suffered from indigestion<br /><br />David


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