Gloria Lomax & The Transparent Negligee

Gloria Lomax or Donna Ambrose, whichever you prefer to call her posing next to a very ornate bottle that I’m sure I’ve seen Jackie Parker pose with as well. What was the point of the negligee other than the photographer can say she’s not nude, but she might as well be it’s so transparent! There’s even a hint of pussy showing, which for this type of shot usually found in QT by Russell Gay was quite daring. Still a wonderful shot of Gloria whatever way you look at it.
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  1. Hmm. A little bit phallic, that bottle. Mind you, if the lovely Gloria, wearing (if that&#39;s the right word) that garment (if that&#39;s the right word), put her fingertips on my stopper, I&#39;d be sticking straight up in the air. <br /><br />David

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