Margaret Nolan Branching Out!

Margaret Nolan from the centre pages of Glamorous Girls No.2, with the same image appearing in one of the later editions of Kamera that Margaret appeared in, sometime after No.50. Although the pose looks good I’m sure it wasn’t easy to stay balanced like that on that branch for long! No splinters anywhere delicate one hopes.
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  1. always a big fan of Maggs and this shows her off to her best – it's curious though, because it's obviously studio-set with a painted backdrop, but they must have lugged a treetrunk in for Maggs to sit on – or again, I wonder if the ancient art of retouching was put into action – her left hand, for example, doesn't actually look as though it's resting on the tree. Nevertheless,

  2. ah right – understood – that said, that &#39;at the waters edge&#39; shot looks a bit false as well – lighting is remarkable and expertly done (these photographers were often masters of their craft of course) – no falsies on maggs though<br /><br /> roop


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