Mary Deighan In Your Rear View!

Mary Deighan posing at the rear of what looks to be a 1958 Oldsmobile Super 88 from Kamera No.28 (1960). This seems to be taken at the same time and location as this image of Pamela Green sitting on the boot, which was published in ‘She Walks in Beauty’.
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  1. Keep her warm!

  2. often wondered if these pics with the Oldsmobile and Pam as well as Mary were taken in the states or was the car an import<br />mainly due to the import restrictions on American goods in the fifties and early sixties

    • Welcome to the blog and for the comments Mr Magic :)<br />Good question and I assumed that they were in this country as don&#39;t recall GHM taking them abroad for a photo shoot. I wondered maybe if it was one of GHM&#39;s cars?


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