June & Eve – Two Girls On a Lambretta Scooter!

This was a nice little find! I’ve seen this image before on the Internet, but only a very small poor quality version. Today I came across this image on a greeting card in a small vintage collectables shop in my town. I just had to buy it, as it has two of my favourite models on it, June Palmer and Eve Eden.

I love the whole thing about this shot, from the Lambretta scooter, to June waving on the back and the smile on Eve’s face.  I don’t know if this was a posed shot or they were actually moving and riding the scooter, but a great fun shot and a different view of two great 1960’s models.

It was a difficult decision about where to publish it as well as it has both June and Eve in it, here or on the Kamera Club site. I decided on here.

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  1. For the purist its a Lambretta TV175, the most desirable in the range (that had the headlight over the handlebars) Is it moving? unlikely, just between the front mudguard and the bodywork (the scooter’s) that looks suspiciously like the parking stand in the down position. But it wouldn’t go anywhere anyway since the fuel tap is turned off. Any Lambretta that is driven for more than five minutes changes the colour of the exhaust box from the new silver colour to a dull grey/black.

    Oh yes!! the girls look nice too.

    Can you imagine being the driver sitting up like that with JP behind you pressed up comfortably with her arms round you hanging on tightly….you could get nicked for driving without due care and attention.

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