Margaret’s Frilly Knickers! – Part 1

Margaret Nolan posing on a bedroom stool in black frilly knickers (if that’s what you call them!) and long gloves. Looking very glamorous in the bedroom, hardly sleeping attire, although I doubt sleeping would be on anyone’s mind seeing her like that.
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  1. surely that must be a strippers outfit – I suppose we assume all these lassies were strippers at one time or another<br /><br /> roop

    • I knew she reminded me of something dressed like that and your right Roop, not that I knew what a stripper looked like as never frequented such a place! Why would you assume that they must have been strippers at some point? I knew a few that were just common housewives before doing the glamour modelling like Dawn Grayson as an example

  2. yes, I suppose there&#39;s a difference between the &#39;professional&#39; girls (I&#39;m not trying to smear them as prostitutes but just as dancers in the west end clubs) and the &#39;amateur&#39; girls who for some reason or another want to take their clothes off and have pictures taken of themselves – perhaps having an aspiration to become a &#39;film star&#39; or something like that. The &#


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