Nolan in November

Kicking off November with the November page of the 1965 Kamera Calendar. Featuring the unforgettable Margaret Nolan posing next to a four poster bed in one of the bedrooms at Ewhurst Manor. This is from one of the classic Harrison Marks sets of Margaret posing in that bedroom showing off her body at it’s best 🙂

Margaret by Lamplight!

A glorious shot of the late Margaret Nolan. Taken in the studio by Russell Gay a perfect pose by Maggie next to an ornate table and standing lamp. Great lighting in the shot as well and she also seems to be wearing a blonde wig even though it’s similar to her own hair colour.

Margaret Nolan (1943 -2020)

Sad to report that Margaret Nolan an icon from the 1960’s sadly passed away last week. Margaret died last Monday age 76. She had a very varied career and is remembered mostly for appearing in Goldfinger and as the gold painted model in the iconic title sequence, several Carry on films plus many TV shows. Later in her life she was also a prominent artist showing off collages of her work as a model.

What many outlets are not reporting is her early work as a glamour model for the likes of Harrison Marks. She seemed to have moved away and forgotten this part of her career, but we all remember it well. The shot above being one of my favourite GHM shots of Margaret 🙂

I also met Margaret a few years back and a conference and she was fabulous to talk to and its sad to hear of her passing today. Another glamour legend no longer with us and 2020 being a year to totally forget!

Margaret Nolan – What Waits Upstairs! (Original)

The stunning Margaret Nolan posing at the top of the stairs at Ewhurst Manor. From an original 10 by 8 print this shows off Margaret’s legs and figure to perfection. Stood with her long black leather coat open exposing that naked body, with just a hint of pussy on show! As the title says what waits upstairs is sure worth it and from the same set as this shot 🙂