One To Keep You Going! – Julie (1964)

Something to keep you going whilst I sort out the site hosting and a much better view than me ranting 🙂 Julie (Shearing) posing in the living room of GHM’s Gerrard Street flat from Kamera Special No.4 (1964)

Site Update: We’re on the move as I have found some hosting and in the progress of moving the site and content across.  Thankfully all the content and comments was easy to move, but the site design and links work differently so I’m having to check through things! Hopefully I’ll have things up and running in a few days and then the site will be free from the clutches of Google and it’s American puritanism, hypocrisy and draconian views! No offence meant to my American followers 🙂

I’ll keep you posted and thanks to everyone for all the support you have shown in whatever format over the last few days, it is and always will be appreciated.
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  1. Do you perhaps know what size the erotic contains must have before Blogger cuts the power of a site. I mean I also have a blog with some erotic on it. Have I reason to be concerned? I hope you let it know what your new address will be, because I like the GHM photography very much. Thank you for sharing.

    • Frank, from the mail I received I don't think everyone is impacted, only if your site is deemed to contain nudity. If you haven't had an email from them you may be OK? The address won't change to the site, so you should see no changes other than things looking slightly different.


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