Wistful Wendy (1967)

Wendy James posing in an oriental themed room from Kamera No.81 P40 (1967). A great over the should look and nice view of her bum and small perky tits.  Always a good view to start a Monday!

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  1. Nice post! Mostly i appreciate the fact that you’re staying within your “theme” of your site and do its name justice. There alot of sites just publishing without and direction or even tagging or mentioning source. But because you’re so well informed and all info so detailed i encourage your to publish whatever you will. Call it kamera club and beyond 😉 keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Arty and the majority of posts will stay on theme or have a link in some way, just every now and then there will be an off theme post 🙂 The quality will remain whatever type of post, with source and other information as I always try to add more than just another image of a naked, semi naked or clothed model.


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