Rosina Revelle – A Short Live Star! (Original)

I’ve never published much of Rosina Revelle, and I can’t really explain why as she meets all my criteria, apart from having never modelled for Harrison Marks. Looking back through my archive I found this image and others of her posing with the star background in the late 1950’s and potentially taken by Russell Gay, but can’t confirm that? I also have many others of her including two shots of her posing in a baby’s cot wearing just a nappy! Don’t ask me why, but the photographer obviously had a fetish for busty women posing like that!

Anyway a cracking shot of Rosina showing off the obvious assets that got her noticed as a young girl 🙂

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  1. she’s a cracker – looking forward to the nappy pictures! Crikey . . .

  2. Lovely girl. Had during that time a girlfriend lookalike.
    She got pregnant during my Army service. By her neighbour!

  3. God given body….

  4. Does anyone know where she lives or have a good working address


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