Come With Caroline!

A set of 1970’s big busted ebony model Elizabeth Baker, also known as Sherrice or in this article as Caroline. This set comes from Blue Climax No.8 (1977) and is more on the explicit side with lots of views of her massive tits and her beautiful big black open pussy! There are also a few of her posing with a very scary looking vibrator! Naughty but I do like it!

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  1. This is the reason I joined you. Caroline and Sylvia Bayo perfect wow.

  2. What is that object she’s holding to her vulva? It doesn’t look like a normal vibrator/dildo, more like a hairbrush or curling tongs. The yellow bit looks like it would be distinctly uncomfortable to have in your vagina! Still, I’m sure Caroline knows what she’s doing! Great pics; can we have more, please, of girls pleasuring themselves with dildoes etc (preferably fully inserted)?

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