Donna’s Double D’s (Original)

An original 35mm negative of Donna Ambrose (Danica Collins) and her rather large chest from the 1980’s. Not to be confused with Gloria Lomax, who also modelled under the same name.

Donna or Danica as she is more commonly known now was still modelling up until a few years ago, although I believe it was private stuff rather than for magazines, plus a lot harder than this shot! Still a great original shot worth sharing 🙂

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  1. Miss Danica Collins (Her real name – they called her Donna Ambrose as it was more ‘girl-next-door’) retired from modelling a couple of years back, though you can still download Her pics and videos from Her site

    Prior to that She had a site on Southern Charms, and was a regular for many years on the Beautiful Britons site (run by Dryden Staples, who probably still features some of Her photos on his site).

    And yes it’s true that Miss Danica modelled privately for what She called Her ‘chaps’ – I was one of them, and was fortunate to photograph Her in the studio on two occasions. Still so beautiful and curvy when She decided to retire – a great shame. I’d be happy to upload a sample of the photos I took.

  2. She’s a very attractive ‘older’ woman, and that picture doesn’t really do her justice – good for her for keeping on going for as long as possible! She kept herself fit!

  3. she worked a lot with DEBBIE JORDAN

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