Angela Duncan – Three Can Play! (Original)

The fabulous figure of Angela Duncan (Trudi Eyre) posing naked within the branches of a willow tree! This comes from a set of original negatives sent over by Ray, with all shots taken by Harrison Marks in the grounds of Ewhurst Manor. They were also taken at the same time as the glamour film ‘3 Can Play’ which featured Angela under the name Liza Shannon, along with another model Vivienne.

I did wonder if Liza was Angela’s real name as she seemed to model under so many different ones, but thanks to a member who knew her, her real name is in fact Trudi Eyre, which I think I remember Terry Sparks telling me as well. As this member reminisces.

‘I will always recognise Trudi as she was the first woman that I ever woke up with when Trudi was a student of French at Regent Street Polytechnic in 1968 and I was a fellow student. I later spent the night with her at her mother’s home in Tunbridge Wells. The last time I encountered Trudi was in 1969 when she had moved to a flat in East Grinstead so she could be closer to Saint Hill, just after she had sent a letter to her mother informing her that she was getting money as a ‘non-fashion model’. I took several photos of Trudi. Sadly, she was wearing clothes in all of them.’

A fabulous story from someone that knew Trudi and was very lucky indeed to get so close to her, even with her clothes on! Suffice to say I prefer her without her clothes as in the above shot, so we get to enjoy that full curvy figure, those big round tits and her thick lush hairy pussy at it’s best!

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  1. She had some appearances in Toco magazines, e.g. Beautiful Britons 238 from 1975, as Lisa Shannon.


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