Jayne Tracey – Highlighted Blonde (Original)

Jayne Tracey from an original 35mm black and white negative of her posing nude in the studio in front some curtains. The dark background tends to highlight the platinum blonde hair and pale skin of Jayne in this shot and she was one of the smaller and slender models to pose for Harrison Marks. She sometimes looks a bit on the skinny side in some of her later shots, especially the fetish shots in tight fitting gear!

Thanks to Kevin as always for a copy of this shot of Jayne 🙂

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  1. Jayne Tracey had the most unusually shaped boobs, or at least for an GHM model she did. However, she may have been “slim” from the waist up, but from the hips down JT was distinctly er! heavy with really quite unattractive chunky legs and thick ankles…

    (mind you she wasn’t the only GHM model in that category the great June Palmer seemed to spend most of her modelling with GHM covering that up with feet stretched out and many shots not showing the full length of her legs at all, something GHM seemed was a party to with careful posing. with other photographers she didn’t seem so concerned about it)

    …but to return to Jayne, the movie clip makes my point rather well.

    But nobody is perfect. But as a confirmed shapely “leg man” I do tend to notice these things.

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