Eve Eden – The Office Geek! (Original)

Eve Eden (Rosa Domaille) looking geeky in glasses from a set of prints of her posing nude in an office. There’s something rather sexy about a nude girl in glasses and Eve is no exception and what a girl to have about the office keeping things in order! I original published a smaller version of this shot in 2013 here, along with a coloured version done by Oldiznew, but always good to find better quality versions to post of favourites 🙂

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  1. Was it actress Jane Russell who said “men don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses”.

    Oh yes they do!!. There’s something very alluring about a be-spectacled girl.

    Remember to 60’s singing group the The Vernons Girls who appeared regularly on TV (often in very short hot-pants) One of them wore glasses, couldn’t take my eyes off her.

  2. Lovely girl! I would dearly love to see the full, uncropped main shot – I always wanted to see exactly what the photographer saw!

  3. I used to work with a girl who I got on very well with but I always regarded as very ordinary looking. One day she came in saying, in rather low spirits, that she had to wear glasses and when she put them on I could hardly keep my hands off her.

    • I think its to do with emphasizing the eyes, rather than the new wearer thinking they detract. Heavy eye make up is not necessary, little liner and mascara a subtle shadow and leave the rest to the magnifying effect of the lenses. If you look at the colour version of the above pic in the Glasses link Eve is hardly any eye make applied.

      That incidentally surprised me that Eve has blue eyes, I always thought they were dark.

  4. hmm, what is also interesting are the two pictures of someone eating what looks like spaghetti on the left hand side of the picture . . .

    • Sounds like some right kinky stuff to me! Naked girls in glasses and spaghetti eating pictures the mind boggles!

      • Perhaps I should start a petition for Wonder to search the archives for girls who wear glasses.

        However, I suspect it would be a long fruitless search. I would guess any glamour photographer would tell his models to take them off if she needed them otherwise.

        • I do tend to tag all my images with relevant words to describe each image, so typing glasses in search should show you what I’ve published to date and I’ll do the same search on the rest of my archive and see what turns up! I suspect as Driver says the list will be a short one, although I recently got a new image of Janice Ormes in glasses so happy to post that 🙂

          • Thank you, thank you… even managed to drag my eyes away from her eyes to appreciate those other assets.

            I was trying to recollect who it was who looked great in glasses, and the penny dropped it was Barbara (Felicity Kendal) in The Good Life, with those huge “owl” specs.

            Don’t think she ever did any modelling though (sadly)

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