Rosina Revelle – Mounds of Desire!

The lovely Rosina Revelle posing in frilly knickers and looking down from above in front of a very retro looking background from a set of restored prints. A fabulous figure, but she did have odd shaped boobs with large puffy areola and nipples that were almost flat and non existent! Not complaining you understand just an observation 🙂

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  1. More than likely she was very young (possibly legally too young, some reports suggest under 16) and believe it or not, not fully matured, hence the puffy nature. I wonder if the photographers knew, GHM was not the only lensman.

    RR’s background and short modelling time before being curtailed by her not too pleased parents has been discussed a number of times on this site. Whatever they said it sadly for her many male fans, ended her career.

    Was being courted as the British Bridget Bardot with whom she had a more than passing resemblance.


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