Rosemary’s View! (Original)

A wonderful rear view of the smooth curves of Rosemary de Canonville by Leslie Bainbridge as she kneels on a sofa. This comes from a set of images of Rosemary along with a dozen more models all taken by Bainbridge including Jackie Rigby, Vicky Ashley, Clare Dobson and others, plus a few unknowns. These type of shots usually ended up in the pages of Health & Efficiency (H&E) and Girl Illustrated, but can’t recall seeing Rosemary, but I may have missed her?

I have in excess of over 500 images of these lovely ladies by Bainbridge, so may have to have another section dedicated to the ladies of H&E?

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  1. Another lovely pair of lips.

    Outstanding pic!

  2. Lovely – a section on H&E would be welcomed by me.

  3. Me too. I’m intrigued by the range of professional, semi professional and aspiring models that graced its pages, and who were largely unknown, an example of many being Jackie Rigby.

  4. Leslie Bainbridge was a talented photographer and I would love to see more of his work.

  5. Thanks all, so the general consensus is to have a H&E section from the feedback so far or at least a Bainbridge section. I might go for a Photos by Leslie Bainbridge section, as that covers more than just H&E 😉

  6. Great idea. The models rarely had a set of pictures together but were spread over several issues. They were always intriguing due to this.

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