Caroline by Ken Greenwood (Original)

Another shot from a set of contact prints in my collection, this time one of a model only named as Caroline by UK photographer Ken Greenwood. I have over 70 shots of Caroline in various poses and stages of undress, but this is one of the favourites. I particularly like the way she is stood with her hands on her hips, black top open showing off her slender body and dark thick pussy. The big gold chain as a belt is a nice touch as well.

I know the name Ken Greenwood and have several other sets of models taken by him, but know very little about his career or even if he had his work published, but looking at Caroline and the other models one would assume they did appear in the magazines of the late 1960’s and 70’s?

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  1. She looks very amateur – perhaps taken in a ‘photographers club’ as they were known (I think) were groups of men were allowed to take picture of young (and older) women in the buff ‘to improve their photography’

    yeah, right . . .


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