A Very Flexible Lena Ellis (Original)

A very flexible Lena Ellis posing on the beach with one leg up so far behind her back it makes me ache just looking at it! Taken by Harrison Marks on the beach at Bedruthan on his jaunt to Cornwall in May 1966 with his harem of models. Although a very different shot of Lena this shot did actually get published as part of a 4 photo montage on P37 of Kamera on Location 1966. All 4 shots show off Lena’s slender naked body and her athleticism, so she may well have had some dancing skills in her background? I’ve included the original page below so you can see the 4 shots, but I have several original shots of Lena jumping and bending on the beach, but don’t think they appear anywhere else.

Finally, I have today published a complete version of Kamera on Location 1966 for members here. It took a while to scan and edit, but it’s a fabulous Kamera special and one of my favourites from the mid 1960’s.

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  1. Great stuff (the scan of Kamera on Location) I remember it when it was first issued.

    Kept the censors brush busy, tricky one that “underwater” shot.

  2. I remember Lena telling me on at least two separate occasions, that she was formerly a member of the Dutch Olympic gymnastic team. I can only take her word for it, but I can confirm that she was great fun to work with. Terry Sparks

    • Thanks Terry and that would make some kind of sense looking at how flexible she was in the shots. Her sense of fun also comes across in a lot of the shots of her I’ve seen, a right bundle of fun 🙂


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