Diane Clare – Kamera No.4 (1958)

Diane Clare from Kamera No.4 P31 (1958) by Harrison Marks and a great shot of her posing against the bookshelf in his living room, that was used for many early shots of his models that appeared Kamera. Members of the site can also see a full copy of Kamera No.4 in the Full Magazines section here.

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  1. Why do you think that it looks as if part of Diane has been cut and pasted?. Down her left side from just above her waist, at the white area of the bookshelves you could say its shadow (a very narrow and sharply defined shadow, note the real shadow behind her shoulder), but that doesn’t account for the area above the white area where there’s nothing to cast shadow on apart from the porcelain cat!!, and, in the lower part cuts across the real shadow of her foot, the line stops just below her knee…

    Doesn’t seem to be any reason for it unless Diane has been altered to appear to have a narrower waist and hips than she really has. Or for some reason the real shadow has been removed.

    Nice shot of Diane though.

  2. God knows, we know they did retouch the shots for publication. The line looks to be part of the door, so something obviously looked off about it for them to touch it up 🙂

  3. I’ve seen many old pics outlined to enhance the curves and contrast. Thanks


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