Ann Austin – Bathing Beauty (Video)

Long before my break there was a vote on the next set of glamour films people wished to see posted, with four new films up for the vote. The results were as follows with The Casting Couch (Angela Duncan) – 33%, Bathing Beauty (Ann Austin) – 25%, Turn Me On! (Wanda Liddell) – 22% and Session with Cleo (Cleo Simmonds) – 20%. I’ve already posted the Casting Couch for all to enjoy, so time for the second place film featuring Ann Austin.

Bathing Beauty is just over 4 minutes long and is very simple in that it features Ann waking in bed and enjoying a free sample of some bubble bath with a twist at the end! It’s more of a titillation film (pun intended!) rather than full on nudity, but you do get to see plenty of Ann’s magnificent chest. Not a Harrison Marks film and no idea who produced it, but it’s Ann Austin in a rare film 🙂

Members can enjoy the film below 🙂

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  1. Didn’t show as much of Anne as I had hoped, but what she did show was very nice indeed – thank you!

  2. I wonder if she had had a child – that sometimes causes nipples to darken and it could also explain her ‘fuller figure’. I think she was a rare beauty – she got better looking as she got older.

  3. Re comment by Driver.

    Possibly using Wrights Coal Tar soap ?? Just a thought !

  4. Purchasers would have been mostly disappointed after saving up their shillings (how much would this have been in the sixties? Ten bob? A pound? £1 two and six?).

    Pity there isn’t more (lack of) coverage of AA in this little snippet.

    • I agree even now when I come across the films the anticipation of seeing what the film offers, only to be disappointing with the lack of flesh! I guess we just expect more today than they did back then?

  5. Colour films cost a LOT back in the day. “Feminine Female”, a similarly low budget 50 foot film starring June Palmer, cost 30/- black and white and 50/- colour.

  6. There was less nudity than I hoped, but thank you, thank you, thank you, for posting this film of a model who has always been just about my favourite ever since she posed with Lorraine Burnette in stills for ‘Snap Happy’, photos of them topless that woke me up to what it was all about. Magnificent. What a beautiful woman she was!

    • My pleasure and I actually have a film of Ann and Lorraine as well called Hasty Strip, so you will have that to look forward to as well 🙂

      • Goodness me? My cup runneth over! Their cups runneth over! Everybody’s cups…. That is really exciting news.

        Do you have a copy of SNAP HAPPY, because I was given it, free, by BUXOTIC BABES a couple of years ago when I expressed my interest in it? I was thrilled to discover that it actually existed. I could try to send it on. Let me know.

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