Anita Terry – A Sunny Barn Door View

The final Anita in my collection with a beautiful exposed Anita Terry from a 10 by 8 print. Posing in a barn doorway with just a sun hat for shade we get a fabulous view of Anita’s curves. As well as that perfectly smooth pussy.

Another flexible and popular UK model that posed for Bainbridge and many others over her career. Although I never think she posed for Harrison Marks, but I believe she modelled in the 1970’s and 80’s.

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  1. Great pic!

    I have one pic of her that I can reference to, being Carnival, Oct 1969, so she was definitely modelling already in the 60s, even if only just.

  2. Fab tits and figure. Not sure about the hat – do you think she took if off when she made love?

  3. Agreed, not sure about the hat! But she’s a nice ad for the (properly) shaven female nude. I think the other study of her on KC site is nicer though.

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