A Brush with Dawn!

It’s a clean sweep and your daily Dawn! This time posing on the Cinderella set for Harrison Marks with nothing more than a broom to keep her company. Perfect view of Dawn’s figure all round along with a view of her very smooth pussy for good measure šŸ™‚

A censored version of this shot was published in Solo No.43 P28 (1964) which was of course dedicated to Dawn.


Caught Red Handed!

A beautiful unknown model by Harrison marks posing on the Alley Set . No idea who she is, but she looks familiar and what a fabulous figure on show.

It’s a fair cop! Caught naked in an alley with no excuse, keep those hands where we can see them until you’ve been frisked and body searched šŸ˜‰


Madeleine on Tiptoes!

The slender form of Madeleine Mills stood naked on tiptoes as she leans against a cherub pedestal. Taken by Harrison Marks it’s an eclectic shot on what was a bedroom set in it’s better days. It looks more like a mixture of props in this shot with of course the fabulous Madeleine in the middle. This shot was originally published in Kamara No.41 P36 (1962)

A great view of Madeleine her slim figure, small tits and smooth pussy šŸ™‚


Rona Scott – Lofty Expectations

The magnificent figure of Rona Scott by Harrison Marks on the loft set. Shots from this set appeared in Kamera No.32 (1960) as well as Rona gracing the cover. This shot also appeared within the pages of the magazine, although it was a much closer cropped version than this. 

Lots going on in this shot that either add to or distract from the main model.  Regardless of your view, Rona and her pose tend to draw your eyes towards the things that matter šŸ™‚


Shirley in the Shadows

A scan from an original 35mm colour slide in my collection of Shirley Stevens. Not a model Iā€™d come across before, but I liked the image so bought the slide. The blue background works well and I love the lighting and shadows across her body in the shot.