Monique & Valerie – More Ball Games! (Original)

Another shot of Monique Devereux and Valerie Jones banging a few balls by Harrison Marks. I have several negatives from this set of the two posing around and on the snooker table. All have a certain quality to them different from GHM’s other shots.

I love the face on Valerie as she tries to hit the ball as Monique looks on. A perfect pair with differing figures and tits 🙂

I’m currently selling this original negative over on eBay here if anyone is interested? 

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  1. nicely snookered…

  2. Valerie must be an experienced player, as she seems to be attempting a masse trick shot. Monique, on the other hand, is obviously a beginner as she doesn’t even know that you have to keep one leg on the ground at all times. Still, they would make the Crucible more interesting viewing.

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