Tina Blake – A Popular Girl! (Original)

Another view of Tina Blake by Leslie Bainbridge from an original 10 by 8 print. This image has all the hallmarks of a typical Bainbridge shot. Outdoors, completely nude, legs open and a  beautiful smooth pussy on view. 

Tina seems to be a popular girl around this time or at least the name does. But with these delights on display what’s not to like about Tina 😉

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  1. Always nice to see a perfectly shaven pussy and you can be sure the naturist hierarchy would not have approved the explicitness of the pose! Many clubs shied away from hosting Bainbridge and his H&E models although his publication did more to promote the movement and attract members than any other. This was probably shot at Eureka. Depilation was a rarity among regular members back in those days but Bainbridge’s shaven models always attracted the admiration of many male members and thinly veiled disapproval of their (bushy) partners….

  2. What impression then do you think Pamela Green had, as a naturist and depilated ?

  3. If she was a member anywhere, I suspect it would have been at a club owned by a proprietor- such as Eureka, Fiveacres or Sheplegh- rather than by the members. The former were more liberal/commercially minded and welcomed Bainbridge for the publicity he brought. They still wanted to observe the proprieties however, and Tina’s pose above would have been pushing it….
    I think the blokes would have been (discreetly) wowed by a shaven Pamela but some of the female members would probably have been more catty/jealous (‘model….professional…not genuine’ etc).
    With the exception of Jane (featured on KC site) very few ordinary members were depilated.

  4. Thank you John.

    Of course there is that scene set in a naturist club, which I believe was Eureka, in GHM’s film ” Naked as Nature Intended ”

    That featured all 5 girls in the film at the naturist club.

  5. Haven’t seen the film but would like to! To judge by the stills on KC site it was not set in Eureka. I think it was Spielplatz .

  6. John thanks again for correcting me.


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