A Colourful Sissi! (Original)

I love this shot of Sissi Mississippi by Harrison Marks. Not because it’s a great shot of Sissi and her hairy pussy, but it’s the only colour shot I have of her! I posted a colour shot of her on the cover of Nature’s Intention No.1. But that doesn’t count as it was an early scan 🙂

This is from a 35mm Pamar colour slide and sent over by member Erb. The colours are fantastic and needed very little editing & Sissi looks pretty good in colour too 🙂

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  1. Lovely shot of Sissi havinga stretch.

  2. Great nipples. Like the pictures on the wall too. Is this GHMs flat? – the pictures appear to illustrate one of his abiding interests!

  3. Nice pose and gorgeous tits. Too much bush? I suppose it’s a question of personal taste (no pun intended).


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