Not So little Red Riding Hood!

Julie Park (Vella) from my huge collection of Howard Roark contact sheets. You can safely say Julie was a big and bountiful girl with plenty on offer for all to see. And underneath that Hood hides some big tits and a big smile 🙂

Bi-Coloured Spread

This bi-coloured double page spread (in more than one way!) comes from Cover Girl No.22 and one of the full magazines I have in my collection. Taken by Serge Jacques this beautiful blonde isn’t your typical fare for this magazine. Normally as you will have seen in past posts they are very natural with a thick hairy pussy, but this model is sparse down below in comparison.

This double page shot appears on the back on the main tri-page centre spread and took a bit of editing to remove the page fold. You can just make it out if you try, but not a bad effort all in all. A stunning spread for the weekend 🙂

Julie Shearing Uncovered

Julie Shearing an early Harrison Marks model from the late 1950’s that had a very classical look with her dangly earrings, but here she’s revealing a bit more! Julie displaying her magnificent wild bush in the studio from Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.2 P20 (1969).

Unfortunately its only a magazine scan hence the quality, but wish I had the original negative. In fact I have very few originals of Julie but always still on the lookout for this stunning beauty.

Barbara Peckinpaugh – What You Waiting For?


An inviting offer from Barbara Peckinpaugh as she poses for Edmund Leja 😉

I love this set of contact sheets of Barbara by Leja, although slightly more than glamour in style. You can see all I’ve posted so far here.

Legs That Go All The Way Up!

Just some random rear view from my collection of 1970’s images, possibly French. A great rear shot and those long legs go all the way up to a very nice view of that ass and pussy. A very inviting pose if a little more obvious than my other posts, just mixing things up a bit.