Sophia Dawn – Rainbow Curves

One of my early 35mm colour slides of Sophia Dawn. What a fabulous pose in front of that rainbow coloured curtain, showing off Sophia’s curves and tan lined tits! That hour glass waist and hips are just perfect 🙂

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  1. Marvelous tits and legs. Love to see her arse.

  2. Just as I commented on the Jennifer Garland pic – wonderful curves highlighting a slender waist. Just as I remember 1960s girls. We even had those multicoloured net curtains!

  3. I quite like her ‘shadow’ too!

  4. What a lovely figure, with just enough body hair — armpits as well — to show us that this is a real human being. Sexy.

  5. The fact that beneath her narrow waist (22″) those hips swell out to 36″ ensures a dramatic contrast in her lower body.


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