Jennifer Garland – Pink Desire

The beauty of Jennifer Garland by Harrison Marks from a restored 35mm Pamar colour slide. She looks stunning showing off that body as she leans back in that armchair with that pink sheer negligee falling open 😉 

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  1. Lovely pose from Jennifer. Lovely tits strokeable. Chair nice possibly Ercol lol

  2. They made great use of sheer negligees and gowns in those days to accentuate the femininity of the models who were usually curvaceous but not too big. Jennifer as shown is a good example. Very nice.

  3. Out of hospital and back on form, exactly as we hoped, and expected.

  4. A very vintage nude but then what else can you expect from this site. I don’t think you should take offense by that remark; it does remind me of my youth!

    • why would anyone take offence? I’m pretty vintage myself! This kind of picture is what is so attractive about this site – so much better than many more”modern” views of the female nude.


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