Ann Walker – Leopard Skin & Panties Pose (Original)

A shot from above of Ann Walker lying back and posing on a leopard skin blanket in just panties. Taken in the mid 1960’s and restored from an original 35mm slide.

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Ann Walker – The Only Way To Take A Dip!

A shot of Ann Walker in the buff taking a stroll amongst the waves on some sunny UK beach. How do I know it’s the UK, well it’s sunny and she still looks bloody cold, look at the goose bumps on her! Following on from the discussion here with David, Ann definitely doesn’t look like a plucked turkey in this one!

Ann Walker – 1960’s Beach Bunny

A glamorous pose from Ann Walker topless on the beach from the pages of ‘Ed Alexander Photographs English Beauties’ (1964). Looks a bit sunny and warm to be an English beach, but I could be wrong and Ann is just putting on a brave face.