Nudist Camp Follies!

Time for another plug of not one but two books being published by Yak over on the Pamera Green site. This time it’s volume 1 & 2 of ‘Nudist Camp Follies’ with images by Stephen Glass. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been sent pre-release copies of these books and they are fabulous!

Stephen Glass was a popular photographer that graced many of the naturist clubs back in the 1950’s and published a series of small books published by The Naturist such as Sussex Maidens (1949), Pool of Enchantment (1950) and Nudist Life in Spielplatz (1956). Many of images you will see within these books were taken at the popular clubs back then such as Fiveacres Country Club established in 1927; Spielplatz established in 1929; Sun Folk Society established in 1931 and Diogenes which was established in 1932. All of which have proved popular with photographers over the years, especially Spielplatz for it was a naturist village with permanent residents.

You will also see some familiar faces within the pages such as Pamela Green, Lee Southern, Nancy Roberts and others, all who posed for Stephen at the various clubs. 

I highly recommend these books if you are into fabulous nudes in a naturist setting and both books can be ordered over on Amazon and I’ve included direct links below for those interested.

Nudist Camp Follies – Volume 1

Nudist Camp Follies – Volume 2

Naked in the Menagerie

Another plug for a book of different images by Stephen Glass, being published by Yak over on the Pamera Green site. This time it’s a book of naked women posing with stuffed birds and and animals and the narrative about this unusual book is below.

The next volume in the Stephen Glass collection has just been released. Naked in the Menagerie is a playful look at Eve accompanied by her animal friends. A portable exhibition of unusual images that will get you harking back to more innocent times. Photographed in the studio and on location in a nudist camp and featuring several stuffed birds and Grandma’s stuffed cat. What’s not to like? Check out our online shop to see our other publications. All our titles are available on Amazon. Collect them all.

The Naked Truth!

This came through the post last week and was a complete surprise to me as I’d forgotten it was happening! Yak from over on the Pamela Green site has recently updated and republished the book ‘The Naked Truth About Harrison Marks’ documenting the early life and career of Harrison Marks and I got an early copy. The book includes an new forward and brand new images throughout the book, but the exciting bit for me is that I contributed several of the images from my collection and that appear on this website for the book 🙂

Dotted throughout the book are images of Harrison Marks, his most popular models and some of him with them, including shots of GHM with Monique Deveraux, Margaret Nolan, GHM with Dawn Grayson, June Palmer and Marina Jones on set, Erica, Jean Sporle and Vivienne Warren. All of which came from me! It’s a fabulous book and one that I’ve never really got round to reading, but even better to see my own images in print.

Thanks to Yak for sending me a preview copy and I know he is working on setting up a website for orders and distribution, so I’ll let everyone have those details once I have them. How exciting to see some of my images in print though 🙂

Another Day, Another Corset! (1962)

Two stunning shots of Vera Day from the book 1962 book ‘Vera’ by Harrison Marks. What’s not to like about these two shots of Vera in striking corset, matching black panties and stockings posing on the backstage set. I love the coloured shot of her by the ladder, but there’s something quite domineering about the second one with the way she’s stood, hands on hips! I know if I was confronted by her looking like that I’d do as I’m told 🙂