June Palmer – Leopardskin Look!

A collection of shots of a young June Palmer from the late 1950’s posing on a bed wearing a familiar pair of animal print panties and bamboo wallpaper in the background. These come from a collection of 20 black and white prints, along with several colour slides from the same set, plus 12 colour 3D Stereoview Slides in my collection.


June Palmer – Animal Print Panties (Original)

It seems that these shots of June in animal print panties posing on the set with the bamboo cane wallpaper were very popular! From various sources I now have 16 colour prints and at least 16 different black and white prints. The latest shot above comes from another member Tony, who is selling 6 of these prints over on his eBay site, but kindly sent me copies or my collection. My growing collection of June in these panties that I’ve posted so far can be seen here

Another stunning shot of a young June with thanks to Tony đŸ™‚


June Palmer – Guess The Size (Original)

A restored silver gelatin photo of a young June Palmer holding her bra up for size! Another shot that belongs with these shots of June in those animal skin pants and the bamboo cane wallpaper.


Note: This image is from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice.


June Palmer – Sultry Stocking Strip (Original)

A restored silver gelatin photo of a young June Palmer slipping out of her stockings, sent over from Girlymag. On seeing this image I thought I recognised a few things, such as the bamboo cane wallpaper and the animal print panties June is wearing and that I had seen images from this set before. I wasn’t wrong and found several more images from this set were published in Connoisseurs Choice & Modelling Review Magazine Vol.4 No.1, along with another shot of June in those fishnet tights.

Thanks as always to Girlmag for this great photo of June, which he is currently selling along with another huge selection of familiar models and photo’s over on his eBay site here.


More of June in Connoisseurs Choice


Another shot of June from Connoisseurs Choice & Modelling Review Magazine Vol.4 No.1 (Late 1950’s). This time kneeling on the bed in just a pair of panties.  All of June’s shots from this edition can be seen here