Laya – A Favourite of The Pharaohs (Original)

The model known as Laya posing on the Pharaohs Set taken by Harrison Marks in 1966. Laya only appeared in one of GHM’s glamour films, which was Episode 2, ‘The Dance’ in the 4 part series ‘Favourites of the Pharaohs’. Stills taken of Laya on the set were published in Kamera No.75. There was also a set of 35mm colour slides and a set of colour postcards produced.

The above is one of the original stills taken on set of Laya and shows off her beautiful full figure, her thick luscious pussy and those huge dark areola, delicious!


Pat Davis – A Perfect Pair! (Original)

A younger looking Pat Davis from a scan of an original print, which looks to have been taken by Harrison Marks? Regardless of who took it a fantastic shot of Pat and her huge areola! Thanks to Oxxbridge Galleries for allowing me to post a selection of their vast archive of original images.


Note: This is a orignal image and subject to this copyright notice


All Smiles From Yamille (1962)

A very happy looking Yamille from Kamera No.48 P13 (1962). Fantastic side view of this lesser known model, who has a great figure and boobs, with big areola. Also loving the dark hair pulled back and big earrings and the big happy smile 🙂


Pat Davis – Puffed Perfection (1959)

I’ve seen this image doing the rounds on the Internet before, but not as good quality as this shot. This shot originally comes from Kamera No.19 P21 (1959) and is a wonderful close up of Pat’s particularly large puff areloa, which she seems happy to show off.


Virginia Green – Bamboo & Big Areola! (Original)

An original image of a young Virginia Green posing nude before she became a redhead, although I’ve seen shots of her blonde as well!

This scan came from the Kevin archives, but as he said the negative itself was very poor and grainy, so recovered the best I could! A couple of notable points, well one actually, the other is just the dodgy bamboo wallpaper in the background that detracts from the other notable point, Virginia’s boob and how big the areola looks in this shot.  I know she has big areola in other shots, but in this one it seems to cover a much larger area of her bob than normal, not that I’m an expert! Unless you count staring at numerous different sets of boobs each day as being an expert!