June Amongst The Daisies (Original)

A great low shot of June laying on the front lawn of Ewhurst Manor among the daisies from John.  I can’t tell if her slip is covering her boobs or pulled down, but she’s going to have terrible grass marks on those tits if down 🙂 The second shot from the ‘Ewhurst Escapades‘ set as June can be seen with the same earrings and long hair as the other published shot.


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Jackie Parker Amongst The Daisies!

Jackie Parker and her magnificent tits posing on a lawn full of daisies.  I have no idea where this was taken, but just imagine looking out your kitchen window to be greeted by this view! One good reason to take your time at the sink washing up, so you could admire the view. 
A more natural view of Ms Parker and one that looks to be shot without a wig for a change and her beauty spot seems more noticeable in this shot for some reason? I assume it is a real natural beauty spot as it’s in almost all of the photo’s of her.