June in Orbit (Video) Update

Thanks to John W I now also have a better and longer copy of June in Orbit starring June and Teri Martine. I’ve updated the main June in Orbit post where the new video is embedded and you can find a link to it below to view the new version 🙂


June in Orbit (Video)

It must be time for another June video, so this time June Palmer with her long time close friend Teri Martine in the glamour film “June in Orbit”, in which Teri and June played astronauts forced to strip off when a meteorite storm heats up their spaceship. Filmed by June’s partner Arthur Howell in colour on the elaborate spaceship set it features June and Teri in some great gold outfits that end up being just little gold knickers and boots.

Teri has fond memories of doing this film and recalls some of the details in an interview over on Gavcrimsons blog. I love the comments about the sweat being baby oil!!

The spaceship set goes on to appear in many more June images and there is a particular set of June as Joanna Kent with the spaceship set in the background. More technical details around the film, it was filmed/released in 1969 and identified as Strobe Film No.7 and 165 feet in Standard 8mm (Colour & Black & White).

Anyway enjoy the film!

Update: I got sent a better version of June in Orbit by John W, so that is the version now included here and thanks to John for sharing all his June films with me 🙂

More June in Orbit

Two more film strips from the black and white version of the glamour film ‘June in Orbit’ sent by John W. The first shows a close-up of a topless June, the second June and Teri Martine hanging onto a ladder in just their knickers as they are thrown around (or pretend to) by the spaceship.

June in Orbit 8mm Film Strip (Original)

A scan of an original piece of the 8mm cine film ‘June in Orbit’ by Arthur Howell.  These were strips of the black and white version of the film left to John W by Arthur, but only snippets not the entire film. I do however have a copy of the colour version, which also starred June’s friend Teri Martine and I’ll try and get a copy on-line for your viewing pleasure soon.

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