A View of Two!

A view from 1958 of two of the best blondes photographed by Harrison Marks, Pamela Green and June Simpson. This view of the two appeared in Kamera No.8 P3 (1958) and shows off the figures and rears of both models with good use of lighting and pose 🙂

Dolores Delicious Derrière! (1958)

The delicious rear view of Dolores Alvarez from Kamera No.8 P5 (1958) on the dressing room set. I haven’t got many nude shots of Dolores and although she had posed for Harrison Marks throughout the late 1950’s most early shots were non nude and published in the likes of Fiesta, with things covered up! Saying that I’ve just found several more of her in Kamera Special No.1, both scantily clad and topless, not the most endowed of ladies, but as nice perky pair all the same!

Maria Hale – A Perfectly Pert Pose (1958)

Maria Hale in a kneeling pose showing off her curves and small perfectly pert tits from Kamera No.8 (1958).  The more I see of Maria Hale as herself with short dark hair the more I like her like this rather than her other alias Madeleine Mado. Normally I’m a blonde man, but these shots work better for her.