A More Familiar Cleo Simmons

Two shots of a more familiar blonde Cleo Simmons from Nouvelle Serie De Revue No.65.  Unlike other images from this publication where pubic hair has been added back in, these shots of Miss Simmons seem to show her beautiful true natural bush.

A Cave Full of Riches From Revue No.65

The centre pages from Nouvelle Serie De Revue No.65 featuring a cave full of rich beauties in all their glory! From left to right we have a shaved unknown model, followed by Julie Jordan and finally the curvaceous full bushed Audrey Judson (Kim Courtney). Obviously an Harrison Marks reprint, but from where I do not know, but potentially a still from the Harrison Marks feature film ‘The Naked World of Harrison Marks’ or ‘The Nine Ages of Nakedness’?


A Multi Coloured Sue Chester

Sue Chester on a tri-coloured page of Nouvelle Serie De Revue No.65.  sue posed for Harrison Marks and appeared on the cover of Kamera No.71 and within Kamera No.76, her other appearance was in Femme No.11 and she posed for GHM during the mid 1960’s.