On The Bench with Valerie Williams (Original)

A beautiful shot of Valerie Williams posing nude sat on a bench or table from restored silver gelatin photo’s. Great cures as always, but for some reason I like her expression in this shot as well. Thanks to Girlymag for this shot of Valerie ?


Valerie Williams – Showing Plenty of Curves! (Original)

Three beautiful shots of Valerie Williams posing nude in the studio from restored silver gelatin photo’s. All three shots show off Valerie’s curvy body superbly and I’ve published the middle shot before, but this is a better version. I’ve seen these identified as being taken by Harrison Marks and a similar set does appear in his Glamour Guide, but I’m unsure if this set is by GHM, but it could well be. Thanks to Girlymag for copies of these shot of Valerie 🙂


Note: These are original images and subject to this copyright notice


Valerie Williams – Waiting For Your Call!

A late 1950’s shot of Valerie Williams posing nude on the edge of a chair with and old fashioned white telephone on the table beside her. Great  shot of Valerie’s figure and a very nice old fashioned phone, if you like those sort of things 🙂


Valerie Williams – 1950’s Walton Slide (Original)

A restored colour image from an original 1950’s Walton slide sent through by Jeff B featuring a beautifully posed Valerie Williams and one of the few shots I have seen of her in colour. Thanks to Jeff for sending it over.