Model ID Needed?

I’m going to start an unknown model page shortly as there are still a fair few models that posed for GHM and others that I’ve been unable to identify as of yet.  I’m sure all of you that follow this blog have far better knowledge than me, so may be able to help ID some of them 🙂

In the meantime here’s one that’s been bugging me for a while as I recognise her but can’t put a name to her.  The article says Marie, but not convinced that’s correct?

What I do know (I think!) is it was part of a set or article and looks to be at Ewhurst. I’m also pretty certain the driver is Dawn Grayson hidden under that cap, although if I didn’t know better I’d swear it was Michael Jackson from this shot!

All resolved and the model identified as – -Elaine Desmond!
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  1. I think I've seen her identified as Marie Prevost. It's not obvious from these photos, but from others I've seen in this shoot I'm certain that the driver is Mollie Peters.

    • Thanks Portland and the only reference I can find relating to a Marie Prevost is a 1920's flapper, but nothing or no one in the 60's. I've seen her in other pictures, but damned if I can find them now. Do you know where you saw the other photo's from this shoot?

  2. Hi Wonder,<br /><br />There are some more photos from that set on the &quot;Ewhurst&quot; yahoo groups page. Looking back over the posts that accompanied the photos, I found this post:- <br /><br />&quot;This is a sequence of photo&#39;s in Satana no. 8, Summer 1965.<br />The model is called Marie Provost and the lady chauffeur<br />is called Anna&quot; <br /><br />All of the other posters

    • Thanks for the other images and original publication and I never thought to look in the &#39;Ewhurst&#39; group! I knew it was Ewhurst and the Clifford&#39;s car, those were the only things I knew for sure, good call on Molly Peters as the driver. Still not sure about the other model&#39;s name being Marie Provost and still can&#39;t find the other image I had of her, but will keep looking.

  3. Marie Provost appeared in Kamera 61, pages 7, 20, 32, 38, and 46. Marie had very unique appearing incisors (photos when smiling) and I am certain you are not looking at Elaine Desmond.


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