The Curves of a Perfect Figure

A wonderful shot outlining the perfect figure and curves of the female form. The figure in question this time is of course Lorraine Burnett by Harrison Marks.
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  1. Yes, a super shot, made by the pose, composition and the lighting – and another which I have never seen before. Whatever you are doing to show the photos at their best is certainly worthwhile. I suspect that many of them are appearing on the screen better than they did on the printed page – so,again, well done and thanks for posting.<br />It seems to me that Marks&#39; work went downhill as the &

    • Thanks Alexei for the kind remarks and insightful comments as always. <br /><br />If you read the history around GHM it seems that it was Pamela Green that influenced his early work and the way she got the models to pose. As the 60&#39;s progressed and GHM and Pamela parted company his interest in this type of photography seems to lessen for more extreme views. These type of shots also became


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