Lorraine Burnett – Black Panties, Stockings & Garters (Coloured)

Another Lorraine Burnett image and another great coloured version from Oldiznewagain.  it seems that Lorraine shots tend to lend themselves to being coloured as the last coloured shot was very good as well.

Lorraine Burnett – Dressing Room Pose!

It feels like a ‘Just’ day today, so next up is a shot taken from ‘Just Lorraine Burnett’.  This time the lovely Ms Burnett is photographed by Harrison Marks posing naked on the dressing room set.  Again this photo set has LB with short blonde hair and ‘Just’ showing us a bit of her shaven pubic region, which no doubt got edited out for publication!

Lorraine Burnett – Come To Bed Eyes!

What must be my favourite shot of this set of Lorraine Burnett with short blonde hair posing on the bed.  Shot by Harrison Marks for Kamera or Lorraine’s appearance in Solo No.2 and re-printed in ‘Just Lorraine Burnette’.