Brenda Graham – Pass Me The Oil! (Original)

Two restored 35mm slides of an oiled up Brenda Graham taken in September 1962.  These were originally colour slides, but they had degraded so badly to a magenta colour that even I couldn’t recover the colours, so I converted them to black and white. Either way two cracking shots of Brenda Graham and her glistening globes!
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  1. Interesting to see her wearing a wedding ring, so husband approved of her posing, or did hid he even know ?

    • I know a few that were married and modelled, Dawn Grayson for one, but if the husbands actually knew is a good question. One would assume so, otherwise they would get a shock picking up Parade or similar and see the good lady showing all!

  2. Then there's the other side of the coin, would the other half own up to buying such a magazine ? Even nowadays most wont admit it.

  3. yes, a great figure model i always get her and American Glenda Graham mixed up : ) Some old film is just too far gone, have to remember that would be what nearly 55+ years old?

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