A Fireplace Rear View (Original)

This was my first actual negative of June that I purchased and it wasn’t the best of quality.  It was a 35mm slide from Poland, but the negative itself was very red, hence the cheap price I guess! After scanning it to the best quality I could I’ve spent ages trying to recover the colours (I bought it over 3 months ago!). I’ve converted it to black and white, then back to colour again and never been happy until now, as I got too hung up on trying to get colour out of something that wasn’t there! Anyway I decided to keep it colour and quite like the red hue to it now.

Aside from the quality of the negative the shot of June herself is a fab one. It shows a younger June posing in front of a fireplace giving us a view of her figure and bum from behind and I love the curve of her hips and the dimples on her bum. Haven’t a clue who is in the photo on the fireplace.

Now for some trivia! Ferraniacolor was a medium format reversable film produced in the mid 1950’s onwards by Ferrania s.r.l. and located in Ferrania (Liguria), Italy who were later taken over by 3M.  So maybe this shot was taken in a photographic studio and not a front room, as why have a Ferranicolour poster up?


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