Dawn Grayson Goes Pop!


Dawn Grayson as Gail Nelson from the US publication Heels & Hose Vol.3 No.3 (1961) posing in a very different pair of stockings or hose as they call them in the US.  A fantastic magazine appearance from Dawn and one probably taken when she moved over to the US with her husband and continued her modelling career over there. The title ‘She Play a Game of Pop’ refers to the style of stocking, which a very good, but the rest of the view is equally as appealing and love the dimples on Dawn’s bum in the last shot. I think pages 2, 5 and 6 are my favourites.

Thanks must go to Adam from Oldtimeerotica for scanning and allowing me to share these pages of Dawn here 🙂

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  1. Oh dear. Not the best set of photos, are they ? Sadly they look like a model way past her best
    They appear to be of a model in her 40’s who should have retired gracefully a few years previous to this set being taken.
    Anybody agree with me ?

  2. Buttybox,
    Afraid I agree with you. A particular favourite of mine, but not the most flattering set.

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